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Tue, 9 Dec 1997 15:13:18 +0100

About electricity, arts and technology, I think there's a good deal of
research to be done. I think it is a very interesting and promising topic
but also very broad. But there are some good books, I'd like to mention:
Avita Ronell: The Telephone Book (the subtitle is something like
'schizophrenia and electric speach')
Jonathan Crary: Techniques of the Observer

I could think of others such as Walter Benjamin, Kracauer and Wolfgang
Schivelbusch who has made a book on artificial light. I believe it is
translated into English but I don't have the title here.

Besides Erkki Huhtamo has launched the idea of studying media archaology as
a way to understand the cultural constructs around new media as well as
old. He has published articles in Timothy Druckrey (ed.) Electronic Culture
- Technology and Visual Representation, Aperture 1996 (a great collection!)
and you can also find various stuff on the www.

I am myself working (as a researcher - not artist) with art and technology
or media aesthetics (primarily from a literary p.o.v.).

Hope this is helpful somehow.

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