Arts & Technology

Lesley Wheeler (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 09:10:59 +0800

Hello there,

I'm researching for my Masters - looking at whether electronics and
electronics have acted as change agents on the arts since Edison tamed his
pet electrons and gave us incandescant light.

If anyone out there has any comments they would like to make, please address
them to me as well as to the list. I don't want to get bogged down in the
use of digitisation and it's concomittant technologies - I'd prefer to look
at the whole topic in broader terms and from an historic basis.

Such as - without electricity , what would the job of a lighting technician
be like and what are the alternatives to using electricly-generated light

- would our theatre houses have been built the way they tend to be - if you
could only see inside during the daylight hours? - what alternatives in
construction could there be?

---- etc.

I'd also be interested in finding out if there's anyone else working in this
specific area or in the more generic technology area.

I'd be interested to talk to people who are looking into the way in which
digitisation is changing the general public perceptions of the breadth of
the Arts - is the use of these technologies expanding the number of accepted
Artforms - what are the new Artforms - and in what way are they different?

I'm currently associated with Chrissie Parrott in Australia who is
researching the use of motion capture as a choreographic tool - so I do have
my toes dabbling in the field.

I also have a BA in Arts Management from the Western Australian Academy of
Performing Arts and a background in dance and contemporary music.

Hope to hear from some of you

Ciao for now

Perth, Western Australia