arts education and new media

Scott deLahunta (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:15:12 +0100

There will be a couple of events coming up in Amsterdam in the area of
'dance and technology'. Today I make preparations for a talk (dance/tech)
tomorrow for a working conference being organised here for the dutch dance
scene on 'Dance in the Next Century'. Then, on the 11th December, Troika
Ranch will join me here in Amsterdam for a lecture and demonstration... this
is followed by a working conference on the topic of *arts education and new
media* (the URL is in my signature below). So, things will be extremely busy
over the next few weeks, and there will not be too many postings from me I
am afraid.

I would like to encourage 'anyone' from Digital Dancing to make some sort of
quick and short report on some aspect of the project which stands out still
in their minds. That is three years of ongoing practical research that has
taken place there... with a fourth session coming up in 1998.

What about SCAN '97 -- Richard Povall, Stephan
Koplowitz and others joined there for several presentations 7-10 November.
Any short report(s) waiting in the wings?


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