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Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 18:45:46 +0100

New link on the D&TZ critical theory pages
( to an article by Thecla Schiphorst
titled *Merce Cunningham: Cyber Dances with Life Forms*. Most of us are
familiar with the fact that Cunningham has been making dance with the
computer choreographic software Life Forms for several years now. This paper
includes many statements made by Cunningham himself and is an important read
for anyone interested in the early history of this piece of software. This
article is on-line thanks to Jason Marchant...

Incidently, here is the site for RIVERBED where you
can find out information on projects for computer by theater/dance artists
such as Cunningham and Robert Wilson. The Cunningham project was the one
featured in the NYT article Mark mentioned a few weeks ago.


I was speaking with Susan Kozel in London about the idea of putting
pre-publication articles on the Dance and Technology Zone Theory page. In my
opinion, the dance-tech list (this space right here) is a good place for
first draft essays, the early working out of ideas via writing... sort of
before the 'pre-publication' stage. I would like to invite people who are
closer to publication with something to send it to Mark and I to add to the
'theory' section of the D&TZ. Or, if you want to put it on your own server,
why not send us a link. The DTZ receives 30-40 visits a day and we
frequently have students/ researchers telling us that it's an important
starting point for them.

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