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Thu, 13 Nov 1997 11:13:55 -0600

Dominique Rivoal wrote:

> Hello list
> My nane is dominique Rivoal, I am french and live in London.I am
> presently doing an MA in digital Arts at Middlesex University,recently
> we have been studying L systems to draw trees and I was wondering if
> anyone had used them as an inspiration for choreography? I have
> personally experimented with the Koch curve and Life form and got some
> some good result very quickly.
> Look forward to hear from you.
> dominique


I am not familiar with L systems - but the Koch curve rings a bell.
I just recently choreographed a piece entitled "Within the Order of
Chaos," using fractal designs and chaos theory for inspiration. It is
not necessarily "dance and technology;" however, it is physics related.
You can actually view a video of the piece at

Unfortunately, since much of the piece was performed in black light, the
video suffers somewhat - but it provides good taste.

What function does the Koch curve serve in Lifeforms?
Also, I would be very interested in seeing some of the trees that you all
have drawn using the L systems. If it is possible, could you attach one
(can it be attached as a JPG?) to a personal e-mail to
I have had a great fascination with trees lately, and I would be
interested in seeing what these computer generated trees look like!

Sarah Morrison
Choreographer and Dancer