Re: Remember "serious art?"

stiller and neil (
Fri, 07 Nov 1997 09:47:10 +0000

Morrison Dance - Morrison, Sarah wrote:
> Hello All,
> Some of you may remember the wild discussions on "serious art," and
> "hype," etc, back in September. Well, "Leaping Into the NET," which
> seemed to be the impulse of some critiques, as well as some wonderful
> discussions, can now be seen on the Internet.
> The archived video can be watched through RealPlayer. I'll be the
> first to admit that not all of the pieces work very well in the slow
> frame rate format; however, I was pleased with the end result. The
> sculptural pieces tended to work the best - and the fast paced pieces
> sometimes result in dancers disappearing into thin air (an interesting
> touch - I might consider it for future choreography :)
> The live concert used projected web-pages (some of them mock-ups) to
> link together each of the pieces. This does not translate into the
> video format.
> At any rate, I would be very interested in getting some feedback
> from those of you who can find the time to watch some of the works (they
> are broken up so that you can watch one piece at a time). It was
> difficult for me to take to heart many of the previous commentaries
> (whether they were good or bad) when I knew that many of you had not
> even seen the work.
> Please take a moment to check it out, and feedback (positive OR
> negative, as long as it's constructive) would be greatly appreciated and
> enjoyed!
> Sincerely,
> Sarah Morrison
> Choreographer and Dancer
hello sarah,

the info on your page is fun to read but when i tried to view the
internet performance, it told me to get the new real audio player which
i did. at real audio i was told i could use their player even with my
68040 with fpu mac. when i went back to your site after the inevitable
restart, it gave me a new server alert this time saying i needed the

i rechecked my installation and things seemed right but this time, in
the notes that downloaded with the player, it said i had to have a power

i've had similar complaints from people who need shockwave to view my

its unfortunate there is still so much chaos in this medium. i know
engineers who disparage both shockwave and real audio and use only
javascript and animated gifs.

movie cleaner lite is available for free and movie cleaner pro can be
bought- amazing compression of both video and audio for quicktime or
mpeg output.

it seems to change so quickly, now there's also streaming shockwave.

its unfortunate that the internettedness of the dances can't reach me.