stiller and neil (zusman@earthlink.net)
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 13:46:08 +0000

Hi all.

I've been enjoying this list since August. Seems a little quiet lately,
not much posting. I confess that until now, i have been too shy to

I'm starting to work up an internet dance piece with Arthur Aviles here
in New York. Its working title is "Scratching" and its form will be
interactive- a dancer as a disc that can be played. There are other
layers of engagement yet to be discovered.

I started learning Lingo in June and now have a shockwave site I'd like
to share/entertain you with:


i miss hearing about events in the Netherlands and elsewhere in europe
as well as down under and everywhere else.

i think its great to share news, theories, and technotes (i'm sure
houdini had reservations about sharing) even if its the crust of
titillation, not the meat or tofu.

keep up the chatter and best wishes,

neil zusman