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Sat, 25 Oct 1997 10:36:29 -0700 (PDT)


I too am in the process of setting up and organizing colloborative projects
with musicians and dancers for my Ph.D. Research. These projects would
mainly be internet-based collaborations (via videoconferencing and email)
Let me know if you (or anyone else on this list) are interested. I am only
in the initial stages of setting up these distant collaborations.

I'm running out the door right now...

Bye for now,

>I am an electroacoustic composer currently doing research at Dartington
>College of Arts in cross art form collaboration. Over the next few years I
>will be undertaking a series of collaborative projects, exploring and
>developing electroacoustic music in combination with different media. Dance
>and movement are of particular interest to my research, consequently I wish
>to make a call to any groups or individuals who would be interested in
>collaborating with me on a project(s). For example such a collaboration
>could involve live electroacoustic music triggered by movement.Please see
>my PhD proposal and CV below for more information on my research and
>Best wishes from Dartington.
>PhD Proposal
>An inherent trait of acousmatic music is that sounds are abstracted from
>their original sources or environmental context. A fundamental layer of the
>meaning of a sound is removed because it is separated from that source or
>that environment and is presented through loudspeakers. I am interested in
>developing the meanings of sounds rather than treating them as if they had
>only a causal or a phenomenal function or as if they were only sound
>The traditional acousmatic music concert diffusion system produces sounds
>that are divorced from their origins and played from loudspeakers, the
>visual appearance of which influences, and at times even dominates the
>experience. I intend to create soundscapes where the emphasis is displaced
>from the speakers towards an environment, taking into account both the
>acoustic properties of the space and the other properties which give the
>space and the sounds meaning. This will be achieved by my creative
>exploration of electroacoustic music in combination with different media
>working with a number of writers, dancers and other artists to create works
>which will expand the boundaries of the electroacoustic domain.
>Collaboration is essential to my projects both conceptually and
>artistically. Collaboration makes me work in unexpected ways, challenging
>me to adapt to new emergent forms and make departures into unknown
>Last year I was awarded a Masters degree in Electroacoustic Music
>Composition from the University of East Anglia where I created Cloud of
>Forgetting and Butterfly Lovers, two electroacoustic works recorded on
>stereo DATs intended for concert performance. These works provided me with
>a clear direction to follow since they deal with questions about
>representation, documentary, sampling, simulation and spatialisation. They
>instigated my interest in creating soundscapes and my exploration of text
>and the spoken voice.
>The practical work will be accompanied by a thesis which will refer to and
>elaborate on my own work, encompassing the issues encountered, the
>discussion around those issues, the artistic process and the
>contextualisation of the works within a contemporary theoretical framework.
>Such theoretical research will refer to analytical models from the visual
>arts and communication studies, as well as returning to texts on acoustic
>ecology and the theory and analysis of electroacoustic music which have
>influenced my previous work.
>Projects will include:
>text out of image (sandra blow): a collaboration with performance writer
>Alaric Sumner, based on the of recent paintings by Sandra Blow RA. The work
>will be performed in the environment of the exhibition of the recent
>paintings of Sandra Blow RA, The New Millennium Gallery, St. Ives.
>Hippocampus: an electroacoustic music work for three dancers, constructed
>from an environmental recording of a swimming pool.
>Angel: a collaboration with the poet Alice Oswald, based on her poem Angel
>which was inspired by the paintings of Cecil Collins.
>Modern Mantras: an interdisciplinary installation work dealing with the
>urban soundscape. I will be creating music out of the sonic by-products of
>contemporary technology.
>Selected Performances and Broadcasts
>'Cloud of Forgetting'
>11th February,1997. Electroacoustiques universite Concordia university
>Electroacoustics, Montrˇal.
>7th April. The opening work of the 6th Annual Florida Electroacoustic
>Music Festival ,Gainesville.
>19th May. discoveries XXIII , Cooper Gallery, Crawford Building, Duncan of
>Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee.
>22nd and 24th August. "Lydmuren", Danish Radio, national broadcast.
>24th, 25th September, 1997. The Eighth International Symposium of
>Electronic Arts, Harold Washington Library, Chicago.
>'Butterfly Lovers'
>9th December, 1996. Musica Nova '96, Czech Republic. Concert in the Jan‡cek
>Concert Hall, Prague.
>21st February. National broadcast on Czech Radio on the channel "Vltava".
>21st March. Performance Technology Season, Dartington College of Arts.
>22nd and 24th August. "Lydmuren", Danish Radio, national broadcast.
>22nd-27th September, 1997. Selected for The Eighth International Symposium
>of Electronic Arts, Chicago.
>Selected by Fran¨ois Bayle for presentation at le Son Mu 98, 50th
>anniversary, l'invention du son, at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales,
>16th-24th March, 1998. Selected for performance at the "Festival
>international d'art acousmatique et des arts de support Futura 98" at
>Lyon's Museum of Modern Art.
>25th July. One Voice, Edinburgh, with animation.
>'text out of image (sandra blow)'
>25th July. The New Millennium Gallery, St Ives. text out of image (sandra
>blow) as part of the international A Quality of Light Festival, Cornwall. A
>collaboration between performance writer Alaric Sumner and John Levack
>Drever based on the recent paintings of Sandra Blow RA.
>22nd and 24th August. "Lydmuren", Danish Radio, national broadcast of
>excerpts from text out of image (sandra blow).
> Excerpts selected for the Sonic Arts Tour 1997.
>November 1998. Hippocampus to be performed at Dartington College of Arts
>with three dancers.
>Musica Nova '96, Prague: Special Prize for Electroacoustic Music
>19th Concorso Internazionale Luigi Russolo: Finalist
>Scottish International Education Trust
>Since January 1997.Tutor of Sonic Art (Special Needs) at the Open School,
>Aller Park, Dartington.
>1997/98 Tutor of Electroacoustic Music at Exeter University and tutoring at
>Dartington College of Arts.
>Studying for PhD at Dartington College of Arts, Devon.
>M.Mus in Electroacoustic Composition awarded 1997 from University of East
>B.Mus awarded 1995 from The University of Wales, Bangor.
>A director on the interim board of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.
>Co-director of Hazards of Noise.
>printout dated: 25/10/97
>John Levack Drever j.drever@dartington
>Performance Technology Centre
>Dartington College of Arts
>Totnes, Devon, England.
>TQ9 6EJ
>Tel: +44 (0)1803 862224
>Fax: +44 (0)1803 863569

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