Re: motion tracking

David Rodger (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 19:25:55 +0100

Darren wrote:
>I was just using Polhemus to emphasise that technology doesn't exist in
>isolation, not that they worked with biofeedback devices. Otherwise they'd
>be called Biomus, or Brainfood, or some such. I have nothing against
>Polhemus, except that they have never replied to a most extensive report
>on my work and what I'd like to do with their technology. I suspect
>Polhemus have their own plans concerning motion capture and sound; shame
>they haven't see fit to include me (yet). Still, they could have replied.
> Dear Polhemus, do you read dance-tech ?
>This thread used ironically to be "Re: motion tracking":

I think a lot of these companies tend to focus on their core business, and
weird art is not it. I'm delighted that the boffins at Ascension
Technology gave me as much time as they did (while I was researching for my
Masters), but then I wasn't asking them for anything!

Maybe if you could get Silicon Graphics and Softimage on side...

Regards, David

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