Re: Workshops

Dawn Stoppiello (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 10:24:27 +0100

>also, the question arose of the necessity of the technology. For it
>to be effective should the audience be aware that the dancers have the
>ability to control the sound... or will it still appear simply as if
>these sounds were already pre-recorded? Has anyone else come across
>this dilemma?

**Oh yes! Just keep asking questions, you will continue to find new answers
which will lead to new questions. I think the answer to this particular
question is aesthetic. It is up to you, it also depends on the piece you
are making, the content. Most of us on this list have faced this and have
each answered it in our own way and with varying degrees of "success"
(personal and audience reception).

>I thought this equipment seemed far more versatile than a whole body
>suit... while the joystick must be directed towards the sensor, the
>students were able to turn and move quite actively without causing too
>many disturbances.

**How small of a joystick? Do they hold it in their hand or is the joystick
fixed to the ground? Do they have to move their hand in a traditional kind
of joy stick way? When you say the "the students were able to turn and move
quite actively without causing too many disturbances" do you mean that they
could move freely without the responsibility of being interactive at some
moments then fall into interactive mode by grabbing onto the joystick to
make their desired media results? I am trying to get a mental picture of
this stick...can you tell me more?

All in all it sounds like the students enjoyed themselves and learned new
information yes? What is the School of the Future? Sounds intriguing.

Cheers, Dawn

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