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David Rodger (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 21:06:52 +0100

>On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Christopher Sumpton wrote:
>re: making music from brainwaves.
>> darren;
>> what is so frightening?
>Neural feedback; brainwashing. That is, it cuts both ways.

It doesn't. All of the systems I have seen or read about are designed to
_monitor_ bioelectric signals, not induce them.

>In case you still don't take it seriously:
> From

Polhemus makes EM trackers, not biofeedback devices, and their military
origins stem from work with HMDs for pilots. A number of other firms were
working on this too. e.g. Honeywell produced a number of HMD trackers
based on optical techniques.

I doubt the U.S. Air Force wants its pilots distracted by brainwashing
while flying. ;-)

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