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Darren Kelly (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 14:36:06 +0200 (MST)

On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Christopher Sumpton wrote:

re: making music from brainwaves.
> darren;
> what is so frightening?
Neural feedback; brainwashing. That is, it cuts both ways. If you think
I'm overreacting, then you haven't understood, which is fine, because you
won't be burdened by the thought. The technologies you are developing are
very easily abused. I'd certainly prefer to concentrate on applying these
techniques to dance and music. Which is why this is my last remark on the

In case you still don't take it seriously:


"Polhemus, founded in 1970, is a small, high-technology company, located
in the town of Colchester, in the beautiful Champlain Valley section of
Vermont. Polhemus specializes in measuring the position and orientation of
objects in three dimensional (3D) space with sophisticated electromagnetic
technology. Polhemus has led the development of electromagnetic measuring
systems for two decades and owns many landmark patents.

Initially developed for military applications, Polhemus products are now
extensively used in commercial applications in fields as diverse as
virtual reality, computer animation, biomedical and biomechanical
research, simulation and training, scientific visualization, and

Seems they've found something cheerier to work on, too.

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