Re: motion tracking

Sandi Kurtz (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 21:10:24 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Christopher Sumpton wrote:

> somewhere along this thread i read that choreographers have always had
> difficulty describing motion - what a pile of hooey! what language does that
> description have to be in - what idiom ? dance is the idiom. no
> choreographer has to justify or explain or describe their work, the movement
> and work speaks for itself as itself. besides, it's not so much choreography
> that is important anyway, it is the dancers interpretation of the movement
> templates; and the way in which the living body brings the thought to life.

Then how is the choreographer going to teach the material to the dancer if
the 'choreography' is not the important part? (speaking as someone from
the notation community I am probably more partial to descriptions of
movement that are not the movement itself than you are)

sandi kurtz