Re: ZKM online live event/3

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 14:08:16 -0500

Hi list

I finally cracked the gates of zkm, and here are the addresses:

mail to:

website and link to info on event (18 October):

to submit image or sound files to contribute to event, mail files to

The event organiser (Wanda Webb) issued QUESTIONS to participating artists
and invitd image and sound files in response to those:

here they are, I thought our group might like to know them:

Johannes Birringer
Questions for global on-line event (opening ZKM), October 18

Technology challenges our view of the body in certain ways.
We would like you to create Media that summarizes your
thoughts and reflects your answers to these questions.

Get ready to submit these images(.tga)/sounds(.wav)
/voice recording/text via email (
prior to and during the event.

We would like to receive some media by October 13th to test

1. Are our eyes our Targets?

2. Do we become what we see?

3. How do you think technology will change our body?

4. How many personalities do you think you have inside you?

5 Are sounds born, do they also only spend a lifetime in
certain places
and then die?

6. Are we already Cyborgs?

7. What is the difference between genetic memory and
cultural memory?

8. How do you think it would feel to be touched throughout
the network?

9. What percentage of your being is connected intimately
with technology?

10. Can the human Body be an interface?

11 How do we determine whether an entity is conscious?

12 Is intelligence the allowance to decide what it considers
to be useful for

13. Do you fear Machine Intelligence limiting your free

14. How does the constant use of technology effect our
thought processes?

19. Which is worse for you....alone in a room with Email
or a room filled with people but no Net connection?

20. Do you believe in virtual sex?

21. What is your definition of ONatureO?