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>Subject: Arts and Technology Update/Position Available
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>I am writing this to all people interested in the Center for Arts and
>Technology at Connecticut College. My name is Bridget Baird and I am the
>new Director for the Center. David Smalley, Noel Zahler, and I wish to
>report that the Center is still going and that we are optimistic about its
>future and the commitment of the College to strengthen it. We are still
>seeking more secure sources of funding, but what else is new? We have
>expanded our programs and are looking to a future that includes more
>collaborative projects, more involvement of students, and more community
>interactions. We are extremely committed to keeping the Symposium as a
>thriving entity and hope to see you in the spring of 1999.
>I also ask for your assistance. As part of its commitment to the Center,
>the College has agreed to fund an unusual and exciting position; we are
>looking to publicize this as widely as possible and because of its tie to
>arts and technology we ask your help. If you know of anyone who might be
>interested or if you have good places (electronic or otherwise) to post,
>please do so. Included below is the formal job description for this
>Thanks for your help.
>Bridget Baird
>Box 5412
>Connecticut College
>New London, CT 06320
>(860) 439-2008
>UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Visiting Assistant Professor (Computer Science)/
>Associate Director of the Center for Arts & Technology. Connecticut
>College seeks a person who wishes to teach part time and also direct
>cross-disciplinary research in arts and technology. Duties will include
>teaching three computer science courses per year, participating in
>collaborative research with faculty and students, directing student summer
>research, helping to initiate innovative programs in arts and technology,
>and managing a technology lab.
>Connecticut College is a small, private, highly selective college with a
>strong commitment to the liberal arts tradition and an emphasis on broad
>interdisciplinary teaching and research. Its Center for Arts & Technology
>supports students and faculty as they study and explore the symbiotic
>relationship between technology and the creative arts. More information
>about this position may be obtained at
>Appointment begins immediately for a 2 year appointment with possible
>renewal for an additional year. Requirements include a Ph.D. in computer
>science or related field, imagination, interest in arts and technology, and
>a desire to work closely with students and faculty. Applications will be
>accepted until the position is filled. Connecticut College is an AA/EO
>employer and is actively seeking to further diversify its faculty and
>staff. Candidates should send a resume, a list of at least four
>references, and a statement of research and teaching interests to
>Professor Bridget Baird, Box 5412, Connecticut College, New London, CT
>Bridget Baird (860) 439-2008
>Professor, Dept of Mathematics (860) 439-2700 (fax)
>Director, Center for Arts & Technology
>Box 5412
>Connecticut College
>New London, CT 06320