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Scott deLahunta (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 08:14:31 +0200

No time to write much this morning, but I am reminded by recent discussions
on poses, physics and dance of one of the most interesting, in my opinion,
topics for reflection as represented by this list. The uses and misuses of
creating categories has been discussed here before, but for the sake of an
observation I am going to suggest that prior to the more recent explicit
introduction of 'technology' into the field, discourse on dance was marked
by the following separations.

discourses on physical training and performance: physics, physiology,
anatomy, mathematics, etc.
discourses on artistic training and critical interpretation: psychology,
history, anthropology, aesthetics, philosophy, communication and cultural
studies, etc.

Of course, any single individual despite their specialism would undoubtedly
be able to range back and forth across these discourses when it came to
actually discussing dance as a 'whole'. However, what I would say is that
along with the explicit introduction of (or wedding of) 'technology' to the
field (via the practices of many of the individuals on this list)...
something different is taking place, historically speaking, and our bodies
seem to be welcoming the blurring of these categories of discourse.

NOW -- there is a tonne to say about this and others are writing and
speaking about it both directly and indirectly -- see several of the
articles in the 'critical theory' section of the Dance and Technology Zone.
But I thought it worth bringing up in relationship to recent back and forth

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