Re:Personal mail on the list

nik (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 00:08:37 -0700

> It's your list, let me know what *you* think

personally i like personal messages that are relevant to the list.
i can't remember a message that was irrelevant to this list.

> People are _lazy_.

i'm not lazy. the message sandi sent was posted to the list and so i
responded to the list, if she had sent it to me personally i would have
responded to her personally.

her message, and mine and my orginal message were all
appropriate ,in my view, for the list.

when Jason was featured in the NY Times i told the list about it, 'cuz i
figured many in the list would be interested. Jason chose to respond

When Steven got an NY Times Article and on pointcast i told the list about
it, 'cuz i figured many in the list would be interested. in fact, someone
without access to the NY Times asked me to send him the article

Andrea's posting regarding her news and some articles on her site i feel
are appropriate as they could be of interest to many on this list. as was
Mark's regarding the event posting thing on his site.

When Sarah had a birthday i e-mailed her personally as i felt it was not
for the list, when she had her leaping into the net i congradulated her
online as the theme was relevant to the group.

that innnocent posting 'congrats on your show' or something to that effect
and Richards response are now probably a little infamous. i had hoped to
get some comment; but certainly did not expect Richard's response.

so when Sandi posts a congrats/nice-job type post related to dance and
technology it serves a couple of purposes:

1) to be more human

2) to attract peoples attention to something and possibly get other people
to look at it and comment.

more likely than not such a post will die, but it led to this discussion
and maybe this discussion will led to others

so the members of this list should deciede how 'serious'
(mmmmm. interesting word = ] ) discussions should be; but if it comes to
the point where people can say congrats on a website without pissing people
off then
i won't be one of them