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Andrea Sferes (
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 15:12:18 -0400

<x-rich>Dear Dance Tech Community,

Dance Online recently launched a new section titled <bold>DANCE
NEWS</bold>! DANCE NEWS is published every Wednesday and aims to cover
all the salient points pertinent to the dance world.
Choroegrapher/writer Clarinda Mac Low writes this beat with occasional
guest writers. <bold>We are always seeking pieces that cover major
dance events as well as current trends and issues. If you have news, a
piece you'd like to write or see written for this series, please query
us at </bold>

DANCE NEWS is located at

Other new pieces include:

</bold><bold>,</bold> is
the name of our new Photo Exhibit. Anja Hitzenberger brings us
samplings from her internationally based portfolio. IN PERFORMANCE
features photos of Meg Stuart, Neil Greenberg, Andrea Mills and

</bold><bold>,</bold> is a
performative greek myth that occured in Manhattan's lower east side.
Read our review of Tamar Rogoff's recent endeaver.

As always I'd like to thank the many individuals on this list for your
continued support and enthusiasm for Dance Online. We are working on a
new quicktime vr series that we will be launching in about a week.
<bold>Again, if you have an idea for an interesting quicktime vr piece
we'd love to hear it. We will be seeking quicktime vr pieces to
produce.</bold> Other projects include our upcoming bulletin boards and
chats which will hopefully engage and utilize Dance Online's large and
dynamic community.

Thanks for Reading,

Andrea Sferes

Executive Director

Dance Online

"...It's something of a miracle that the downtown New York Dance scene
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