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nik (
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 20:26:15 -0700 a utility that allows dance organizations to post info
about such things as:

Auditions, Class Schedules, Events, Funding Info,Jobs, Internships,
Performances ,Rehersal Space,
dancer's exchange and more is online. is integrated with 'the blackbook' - an online database with
thousands of records - so that
any info a dance organizition posts can be found by searching the news
directly or looking for that organization
via the blackbook.

People can submit entries to the blackbook online as well.

Please come post any dance news.

You can find, the blackbook and a nice example of the
posting of class schedules by
'Movement Research' at:

also over the next 2-3 weeks i'll be adding contact info and short
summaries for an additional
600 corporate foundations. For example:

AT&T Foundation
32 Avenue of the Americas, Sixth Floor
New York , NY 10013
(212) 347-4801 (phone)

AT&T which had profits of about 5.9 billion on sales of
about 74.5 billion in 1996 gives extensively to the arts. The
AT&T foundation states:

"Our support of arts initiatives bring diverse artists and
innovative work together with wider audiences. You'll find
these audiences in children's museums and modern art
centers, at theater, music and dance performances, and in
interactive workshops where artists reflect on the creative

The Arts & Culture Program makes between 150 and 200
grants each year. Three key initiatives underscore the
direction of these grants: AT&T:OnStage, AT&T New
Art/New Visions and AT&T:New Experiments in Art and
Technology (AT&T:NEAT)."

dance, computing & chaos theory

Project Artsvote

arts activism

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