Mary-Lou Michael (
Sun, 05 Oct 1997 23:41:36 +0000

Hi All,
To anyone currently using or with experience of Life Forms. I was
reading Thecla's article: Merce Cunningham: Making Dances with the
Computer... and she refers to the system's large library of predefined
movement sequences... is this limiting? The article desribes
cunninghams experiments actually creating unique phrases of
movement... and I'm not sure how this can happen if phrases of
movement are already programmed... or is there scope for the user to
develop their own?
Also ... sound files... were mentioned.. does the program allow the
user to input their own music? CD, or pre-recorded tracks? I'm just
wondering as I'd like to get my students to use it for choreographic
Also... The same article refers to selecting existing sequences found
through chance operations... and actually has an example of graphical
represented movement stances... These seem quite exciting for open
ended choreographic explorations, can they be refined to include
transitional movement if one desired?
That's all!