Re: Drancing = Drumming by dancing

Mark Coniglio (
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 09:00:11 -0500

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> I bet I'm the first person in the world to make music by actually
> recording acceleration signals from masturbation and turning this
> measurement of orgasm (mine) into music.(Sorry, no light; dimmers
> weren't connected). I'd like to put it on my band's future CD.

Actually, this line of experimentation is not unexplored. You may be
interested to know about a piece that was performed in the late 60's or
early 70's in New York. It was witnessed, and recounted to me, by my
teacher Morton Subotnick.

In this piece, a small invited audience was led into a performance space.
There were a man and a woman lay naked, outfitted with various kinds of
sensors all over their body. Once the audience was seated, the couple began
to initiate foreplay. The sensors were used to translate motion, skin
conductance, muscle tension, etc., into control over analog synthesizers
and lights. As the lovemaking became more frantic, so of course did the
sounds and the lighting. This continued to the point of orgasm which,
apparantly crossed some sort of preset threshold, so that extra loud sounds
and bright lighting were added at that moment.

I will try to find out the name of the creator of this work - it may aid in
your research.


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