Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 11:28:51 +0100

Dear List,

Mark Coniglio and I have been discussing the possibility of archiving our
discussions here on the dance-tech list on the "Dance and Technology Zone"
website. What this would mean is that the emails traded here would be
available via Hypermail on the DT&Z site where they can be sorted by date,
author, thread or subject. Hypermail is an extremely functional archiving
package, and it will make it possible for new list subscribers and
interested researchers to follow and benefit from some of the rich
discussion which has taken place on the list in the last year.

To see how some Hypermail sites work you can visit the following:

LiveArt at
Nettime at
'Ars Electronica' netsymposium at

Before we did this though, we wanted to get a general reaction from those
here. We believe that your words are your own, so we wanted to check in with
those who post here before moving forward on this idea. Please let us know
how you feel, either via the list or individually via direct email. Thanks.

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