Re: ReWebbed Feats
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 23:30:37 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Steve,
Just want to take a moment to acknowledge your latest posting and offer some
encouragement. It sounds (and has sounded all along) like this project has
been immensely challenging, and at times (like now...), unhealthily
gruelling. I mean this when I say that I appreciate the work you have been
doing. I have watched you wear many hats in the last weeks and do so with
integrity, in spite of the mental, physical, and emotional wear and tear. I
am glad I have done the project. I've learned a lot. About group process,
site specific work, technology, my existing strengths and the small steps I
can take to grow stronger.
There is much more to say--which I will share with you when we have more
time. For the time being, I really hold a vision of this project coming
together beautifully and for us all to be rewarded for the efforts in
expected and unexpected ways.