Re: ReWebbed Feats

Johannes H. Birringer (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 00:40:06 -0500

Hi everyone.

Back in Texas, 97 degrees in my studio. Tonight a lovely thunderstorm.

Stephan advised..
>Hey folks, please don't come tomorrow because you will only get to see the
>lovely park without any Webbed Feats....

mmmmh. I thought Mark wanted to attend rehearsal.

Where are you rehearsing right now, Stephan,? and I actually thought this
mistake was lovely. Mark and Dawn taking a stroll in a non-virtual park,

This last exchange on serious work and serious dance criticism has exhausted
everyone I think. I notice Nik is trying to get us to think of other issues,
such as politics. My friend Coco Fusco is writing, meanwhile, that a gay
Latino artists work in San Francisco (!) got vandalized by enraged members
of the Latino "community", and in Cuba the government is raiding and bombing
gay clubs. End of the love parade here/there, sadly?

best wishes to everyone,

Johannes Birringer

PS. Good luck with the park project, Stephan.