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Project artsvote is an online petition asks for your thoughts on two issues:

National Endowment for the Arts funding
Campaign Finance Reform in the United States

This survey will be compiled (in batches of about ten thousand or no more
than once a month) and organized by total numbers, mean, median, standard
deviation , then sent to thousands of legislators and news media throughout
the world that i have e-mail addresses for in the media and legislative
databases (i.e. roughly six or seven thousand recipients).

The reason for including Campaign Finance Reform is that it is simply the
most important issue in United States politics. One can quibble over adding
few cents per taxpayer here or there for the NEA. The Office of Management
and Budget puts NEA funds at about $119 million in 1998 ( a
little less than a dollar per taxpayer), and the Department of Defense
Military Spending at about $250.7 billion in 1998 (and growing about $5
billion to $7 billion a year through 2002). This is about $1,600 dollars
per taxpayer for super fighter planes, military salaries, etc..

These kinds of extreme occur because Representatives must become as much
fund raisers as legislators, which heavily favors those
in Congress. According to Representative Linda Smith:

"The current system ensures incumbents a 95 percent re-election rate and
gives people the impression that Members
of Congress care more about special money interests than than the interests
of average Americans."

So express your voice on National Endowment for the Arts funding and/or
Campaign Finance Reform in the United States.




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