Thoughts on the purpose of this listserv

Mark Coniglio (
Mon, 8 Sep 1997 09:14:54 -0500

I will enter the discussion that began with Richard's post by saying that I
agree wholeheartedly with Johannes in much of what he said so well. I will
try to not duplicate, but I do want to talk about Stephan's question
regarding the purpose of this listserv.

I don't think there is a "manifesto" that outlines the purpose of this
particular group. Perhaps there should be. But for now, I will speak for
myself and say there are a serveral things I hope for as part of this group:

- Having a sense that I am not isolated in my pursuits. By hearing from
other artists worldwide I sense that I have comrades in the world that,
while they may not be interested in the specific aeshtetic issues that I
hold important, share my interest in finding ways that technology and the
body can come together meaningfully in a live performance.

- Hearing about the particular work that people are doing, what they are
discovering through their process, and how they feel about their outcomes.
As I said, each approach is different, and I feel that I can learn about
hearing from my colleagues no matter how they bring technology into their

- A lively and honest critique of the work that relates to the interest of
this group. This relates closely to the issues of the last few posts have
come up. Richard expressed his very strong view on Sarah's performance. I
want to address this specific exchange in a separate email, but basically I
hope that people will feel free to speak their mind. To me, being
supportive and being able to offer a honest critique (even to the point of
being harsh) are _not_ mutually exclusive. to prohibit free expression
would be probably the only thing that would immediately get me to sign off
of this listserv.

- News related to the field. This includes hearing about upcoming
performances, residency opportunities, workshops, books that should be
read, experiences with software and hardware tools, etc.

There are certainly other views on why we are here, and I hope others will
chime in with their opinions.


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