RE: relations dance/technology workshop

Sarah Rubidge (
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 19:00:06 +0100

Hi Diane

>By the way, I am beginning to look into the Laban Center (LONDON) masters
>program in choreography--apparently they have a dept. for film and dance. I
>plan to have a look sometime this fall. Do you know anything about the
>program? I may just find it more interesting to participate in individual

The Laban Centre doesn't have a department for film and dance. It is
starting up a course on Dance and Film as part of its MA in Dance Studies
but this is a theoretical course not a hands-on course. They don't have
the facilities to run the latter. Also - the MA at the Centre is in Dance
Studies, not Choreography. I tried hard to introduce the latter, but did
not succeed (not even an MA in Dance Studies (Choreography)). People do do
Choreographhy as part of their MA studies - but it is only one third of the
course as a whole.

You'll get more of what you want from the individual workshops.

good luck