Re: some other events/ questions
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 13:18:13 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Scott,
Your posting in which you question the uncertain relationship between dancer
and technological expert hits home. I wish I could be articulate in my
response at this time, but I am currently in the thick of living the question
and find it difficult to reflect and comment on the experience. Here are
just a few words...
I am one of "those who are trained (are training) in the physical knowledge
of dancing, that daily ritual of
class and rehearsal which tends to take up all of one's energy and time..."
and in recent months have been seeking out people working in technology w/
whom to collaborate. (I'm currently dancing w/ Stephan Koplowitz,
brainstorming a lot on my own, w/ individuals in the tech world who are
interested in dance, and in discussion groups.)
It's too soon for me to conclude on how fruitful my relationships are really.
I can say at this germ stage that they are stimulating to my imagination and
my sense of what is possible in expressing myself as a dancer. The more I
connect w/ computer and video technology people, the greater the potential I
see for expanding the range of imagery and contexts for dance. At this
point, I have only really worked w/ two groups on a project to be
performed--the latest of which is Stephan. In a few weeks when the Bryant
Park project is all over, I will write more at length about my experience.
In the meantime, if your are interested in reading some commentaries by the
dancers on their experiences thus far working on the project, I suggest you
check out the project website at