RE: open rehearsals

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 29 Aug 97 01:06 +0100

hello listmembers,

Thanks Amanda.(And Cassandra)

Amanda wrote
<I told about making jam this summer, and what I meant was that instead of
<setting net projects in a specific framework of thematic content, why not
<start jamming!
< - and this can b either real time exchange, or mailing material, or using
<existing material - could mayb make an addition to the dance tech site -
<workshop space, mayb, if something gets going.

<What I'm after is more a spontaneous start .................... and an
<informal ongoing work space which will either live or die depending on how
<much enthusiasm there is amongst us -

<And then c what comes out of the playful process
<This may sow the seeds for a more formal workshop which needs more planning
<- but the exchange I'm talking about could lead to an adventure which has
<yet to b revealed.

I am making notes as we go along, and am grateful for Amanda's suggestions, and
perhaps that (for some of us) takes courage together with the fun. I would love
to participate and try.

Let me note, however, that Amanda seems to raise 2 issues/options:

1. A jam (spontaneous ideas getting under way as rehearsal and exchange)

2. Open rehearsal by one of us (as Lisa offered) to which others are invited to
look in/contribute.

These may be similar processes, except that a framework (thematic, structure,
process method, set up, people involved) in a given project by someone by
already exist, and then additional collaboration and input can happen. That
seeems an entirely perfect idea to me, since sometimes we hope to have
collaborative feedback from musicians, composers, designers, and performers in
our midst and in our vicinity (people who may not always be directly in the
rehaersal), and so the project can profit from input.

The opne jam, with no framework, is a more hazardous and equally challenging
idea, since what will be rehearsed/exchanged, developed, will come from whoever
among us gets an idea, image, sound, movement seeded. I think the seeds, the
sewing idea, like the "jam" appeals to me.

I must without any further suggestions as I am about to return to Houston on
September 8 and need to reconfugure my studio with new tools so that I can read
my own digital material developed this summer, and also obtain software and plug
ins for doing the exchange of video and sound over the internet. I am still 2
or 3 steps behind. But thanks Amanda for continuing our discussion in public.

Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.