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Johannes Birringer (
Wed, 27 Aug 97 21:53 +0100

Hi list,

great explosion of correspondence!

I feel, also after reading Scott's careful
reflection, that the subject of our work and workshop processes/interrelations
deserves further attention, especially if, as Mark and Richard imply, a certain
level of professional commitment and expertise-sharing is now evolving among
many of those working in performance/technology. Richard's post made me think a
lot about the relations of production we knew (in theatre, etc), the ones we are
evolving, the ones we take for granted, and the ones where the contradictions
remain unresolved, hello Bauhaus.

Marko wrote:
<....... I too would be very curious to here from Techla regarding
<her workshop experience. Was there an agreed upon focus (theme? goal?) for
<the entire gathering, and how did each of you individually contribute to
<that focus. What did you do that you found most effective?

<It makes me think that I should commit to keeping a journal whilst giving
<our workshop at CalArts, and to then make that available later on our
<website, or here via email. Perhaps some daily reflections on feels like it
<is working and what doesn't would be helpful to all.

I think that's a good idea. In my company we did a postworkshop reflection, and
I wrote down some notes. They are now on Imma's Mac, and after retrieving I will
post. In the future, if some of us have proper lab facilities and on-line access
d u r i n g a workshop, I think it would interest me to read bulletins or
something like that while process is on. If the group working together would
find it feasible, work-process results could also be scanned into a workshop
website each night, thus allowing actually some others to be connected from afar
or even to input a workshop experiment if desired.

Thanks, Amanda, for your suggestion about a spontaneous event, before the meal,
that sounds good too, if someone would organize it or suggest the on-line
facilitation. My only fear is the one I write you, that chance events are chance
events, and I am not entirely convinced that something spontaneously happens
that is part of what i consider the necessary physical, emotional, and technical
interrrelationship for creation. The "disaffiliation" or disaffection you
described vis a vis "webbed feats" made me pause.


Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.