Re: some other events/ questions

Mark Coniglio (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 07:12:58 -0500

It is interesting to note all of this "workshop" activity. Troika Ranch
will give a workshop at California Inst. of the Arts in Jan, and are
tentatively scheduled to do the same in Italy in March. So, Johanness,
Imma, Techla, Jean-Marc, Susan,Lisa, us, and others -- lot's of energy put
into teaching these ideas and sharing our enthusiasm for the form.

Because of all of this, and the Tanz Aktuell issue, It feels like there is
a gathering energy regarding the mix of dance and media/technology that is
discussed here. This concentration of interest is, I suppose, inevitable
but I was often unsure that it would ever materialize.

Like Johannes, I too would be very curious to here from Techla regarding
her workshop experience. Was there an agreed upon focus (theme? goal?) for
the entire gathering, and how did each of you individually contribute to
that focus. What did you do that you found most effective?

It makes me think that I should commit to keeping a journal whilst giving
our workshop at CalArts, and to then make that available later on our
website, or here via email. Perhaps some daily reflections on feels like it
is working and what doesn't would be helpful to all.

-- Mark

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