some other events in computer/dance land

Thecla Schiphorst (
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 16:03:05 +0100

Hi all,

thank you Johannes for the mention of the "ballet international/tanz aktuell"
issue 8/9 ...

yes!, it would be wonderful idea to hear from Yacov and Robert about their
experiences ...

Johannes' mention of the computer/dance workshop at
the Munich festival this summer, reminded me of the need
to mention another event that occured this summer (July '97)
which I had been intending to announce on this list, but have
have let time slip on for far too long,

Susan Kozel, Jean-Marc Matos and I (with many others!)
participated in a dance and technology festival/worshop/conference
together in France this summer ....

I apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but I have been
busy in an almost 'unearthly' way !

This event was a festival, workshop, and conference held in Fontveille
in the south of France. It was hosted by La Mas de la Dance, a French Dance
organization/school headed up by Dominique and Francoise Dupuy.
I taught a two day computer dance workshop there on July 26th and 27th ...
The workshop was a combination of studio work, computer work,
and the discussion of many issues resulting from the incorporation/
excorporation of technologies woven into the practice of the performing arts.
Susan and Jean-Marc also engaged in the process and
lead certain discussions/issues, and presented on-going work too.

In addition to this, three weeks later, after returning from Siggraph
and back in Vancouver, Lisa Naugle and myself
taught another computer and dance workshop as a part of an
electronic arts component of yet another festival occuring in parallel
in this city ... (Lisa and I also taught two small workshops at
Siggraph '97 too ...) counter to the trend Johannes identified
we had our computers on, as well as our clothes!

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