Tanz-Aktuell Dance/Tech Issue...

Mark Coniglio (troika@panix.com)
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 16:22:58 -0500

Hello List,

It was brought to my attention by Scott deLahunta that Ballet
Intl/Tanz-Aktuell magazine has made the subject of dance/tech their focus
for the Aug/Sep issue.

Now I am attempting to get my hands on a copy here in NYC, but they are
hard to come by. I see by looking at the website version (gives the table
of contents) that Mr. Robert Wechsler, who has posted here, has contributed
as well as several others of note. (Tanz Aktuell web site is

I am curious to hear, from my colleagues who may have actually read the
issue, what their impressions are from the content that was published
there. Anything particularly insightful?


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