the blackbook - a dance database is online

nik (
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 02:01:55 -0700

A very rough and in progress version of "the blackbook" - a dance directory with
thousands of addresses, url's, etc. for such activities as

Arts Agents, Clubs, College/University Dance, Companies, Dancewear, Festivals
, Foundations, Fund raising, Performing Arts Museums,Magazine, Performing
Arts K-12
, Organization, Presenters, Scholarships, Studios, Venues etc.

and styles such as

African, Ballet, Ballroom,Belly Dance, Butoh, Capoeira, Clogging,Contact
Country/Western,Flamenco, Folklorico,Irish,Jazz, Modern,Pilates,Salsa ,Samba,
Tango,Tap,Yoga, etc, is up

this database is very rough. I'll be working on a update/submission tool
this week - plus
make many changes/improvements over the next few weeks - but figured i'd
put it up anyway
in a rough form to get feedback?



~ voices

UCLA Youth Enhancement Service's political and media

~ the dnc project - dance, networks, computing

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