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Francis Wittenberger (francis@babel.de)
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 04:17:55 +0200

from: Universal Companionship Organization - art project
subject: Universal Companionship Organization - 30 Aug. 97 - first
physical exhibition

Our main sponsors:

SGI Israel & Germany
Alias|Wavefront, Canada
Shani Technologies, Israel
High Tech Center Babelsberg, Germany

It is not enough to say "LET IT BE" ( ĪBeatlesā early 60s)
"LET IT BE GOOD !" (UCO 1995)

Universal Companionship Organization is a growing forum of artists,
intellectuals and support-members, aimed at the creation of a unique and
fully independentĪ'Virtual Universe'ā for the benefit of it's creators.

Anybody challenged by Eternal Life / Virtual Universe / Secondary
Consciousness - please refer to http://uco.org.il , the official UCO-
presentation web page.

The first UCO exhibition - Ī"Another Land"ā- taking place at the Herzlia
Museum of art, Israel. - Grand Opening - 30 August, 1997.

Physically exhibiting for two months -- virtually open for ever !

Featuring original consciousness-research and digital art-works.

Real-time Video-conference link with the museum will be available for
SGI users, Chat forums for PC users will be available as well.

+ Creative people who want to contribute artistic content to the
net-based exhibition (not yet open) are encouraged to do so before and
DURING the exhibition. (Texts, Images, sounds, and copyright notes
please send to : francis@babel.de )

+ Anyone out there with Internet-programming skills who wish to help
UCO with implementing latest Secondary Consciousness research is most
welcome and needed !
please contact universal_companionship@rocketmail.com or

+ People who want to take part physically in the course of the
exhibition in Israel are welcome to do so with a short note sent by
e-mail to : uco@shani.net (please explain your intention, interest and
the dates you would like to come to the museum).

Infinity & Love


the UCO group