Re: Greetings

Mark A Bromwich (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 11:04:28 +0100

Hello all

Just a quick posting to introduce ourselves and invite interested parties to our new programme of
ElectronicDanceTheatre are presenting 2 evenings of Dance at The Lawrence Batley Theatre in
Huddersfield, 17-18th September @ 7.30pm. Please visit our site at
we hope to broadcast the event called 'The Anatomy Class' live(ish) during the performance so
watch that space for more info.
The Anatomy Class is an exciting new programme of stand alone works concerned with the idea of
ANATOMY.Aspects of the Anatomy of the creative mind,the manipulatiobn of the human body as a found
object,and the reconstruction of a theatrical BODY out of limbs acquired from other genres.
The last piece in the show 'BODYCODER' will show the fruits of our residency at STEIM in Amsterdam
earlier this year.


Mark Bromwich