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Amanda Steggell (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 01:13:07 +0200 (MET DST)



I'v been reading ur postings FOOD, and I can't get this thought out of my head:

too many cooks spoil the broth

- there has 2 b a chief cook somewhere. Is that u?

I'm falling into a situation where I feel that all this metaphor of
virtual/real is becoming a burden -
the recipe, cooking and the shared meal just don't work 4 me. For me it
becomes a formula
to produce excrement - their goes the metaphor again.

As an event - it's fun 2 get 2gether and make jam! for a start anyway - as
an event 2 watch or 2 b presented 4 non-eaters, well, I don't particularly
like watching other people eating, esp. if I'm not eating myself.

So r u intending 2 produce a feast for watching/presentation, or only

I feel like the meal has already been cooked, consumed, digested ...........



well, I went to the site, offered my five images, wrote my five words, and
I guess the name I called myself appeared the next day on the credits list.
Any one who doesn't know what I'm talking about and wants 2 find out should
go and promenade in

I felt nothing - nothing for the images I was presented with, nothing for
the animation it produced, I wrote, five words under the five images: "this
means nothing to me", and "oh vienna" in the comments box, and felt v.
fecitious and childish.

I do not consider the fifteen images offered inspiring enough to create a
choreography - neither do I think of what I did as a choreographical
process, however the info. may or may not b used - I pushed switches, and
the switches did not turn on any lights 4 me.

I was not inspired 2 explore more of the Webbed feats site.

I'm sorry I feel this way - I didn't want 2. I really and truly want 2 b
inspired and positive.


I am getting pissed off with what I'm experiencing as decadence- in-
saints- clothing raging around participatory net projects. I'm getting 2
the point when I'm feeling hell, there's alot of egos out here, and what I
would love 2 c is those egos coming right out of the closet, smacking me in
the face and saying - give me ur valuables coz I want 2 USE them. Then I
would expect, nay - demand, exciting results.

I expect, if I'm 2 participate, that I can do so in a way that challenges me.

Raging in the machine,

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