RE: New Zealand light

Johannes Birringer (
Wed, 6 Aug 97 02:29 +0100

Much enjoyed Richard's post from NZ and would love to work with him/a lighting
design artist from the beginning of a project. Also I am grateful for the
information about dance in NZ, and the great description of the underwater work,
I am trying to imagine it, being a passionate swimmer in my spare time.

Richard, I hope you will be a regular guest on these discussions, and keep us
updated about what is going on in NZ. I recently got feedback to my work from
Olivia Harding at U of Canterbury /drama program, and also, Scott and I last
week met at documenta X in Germany, spending time with another artist friend who
is a NZ emigré (Sonja van Kerkhoff) who is planning to travel there in the

I hope someone will take up your offer and write something for your journal. In
case anyone ever needs backlog discussions, I have them all on my memory disc.

Which just makes me wonder, incidentally, how the memory of such a discussion
group works (people coming and going, staying or unsubscribing), and whether
there is memory.

One of my performance recipies for our upcoming "webbed feasts" will be about
memory cooking and excrements.


Johannes Birringer