Re: too busy...

Christopher Sumpton (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 00:24:31 -0700 (PDT)

in my work investigating grotowski, we would enter the space,
silently, strip off our outside wardrobe, and re-clothe in our working
clothes, warming up in silence (no extraneous chatter), checking in to as
many of the muscles, joints, skeleton, etc, bringing the breath into the
body respirating, pores opening, mind calming, second attention, our
personal readiness, our private readiness, becoming ready, forming a
circle, in readiness, waiting in readiness, sensing impulses, becoming
sensitive to more different kinds of impulses, enjoying the building of
the waiting, the readiness, invisible currents now moving amongst us,
a field of energy - the walls are no longer visible - the space is
becoming charged super-charged - fuel injected - nitro - our blood is
pumping together we are losing our individual identities, a part of us is
moving, is being moved, we are drawn to the hole in the fabric of space,
we are aware of the anti-matter particles surrounding each of our atoms,
we are held together by resonance, our group is an engine, we are being
witnessed by the other, we are the catalyst, the circuit, we are being
spoken through, we are consumed and regenerated,

many moments of exploration

slowly we are coming
down, coming back, our vibration is slowing, our impulses are slowimg,
endorphins smoothing the way back to the room, to the circle, the walls
are returning, the roof is returning , the floor is returning, we are
drawing back into our individual identities, we are giving thanks, we are
closing the circle, we are stripping away our work clothes, we are drying
off, we are silent, we dress in our street clothes, we open the door to
the outside...