RE:"Future physical/feasts"

Scott deLahunta (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 16:33:33 +0200

Johannes writes:

At 10:25 PM 7/21/97 +0100, you wrote:
>What remains a point of interest and concern to me is the question of how one
>experiences (post-geographically?) the nodal process of participation, if
one is
>not part of the live performance but has, beforehand, contributed
material. In
>dance terms, is the relation like between (traditionally) composer and
>choreographer/dancer/interpreter, or how does the onsite performer improvise
>with input material otherwise (feedback loop?) - is this a non-interactive
>process, or have, in your experience (I missed Amanda's recent piece and
>unfortunately), the input artists during a web-based event
>performed material?

I have not experienced this much either -- having missed both Lisa's and
Amanda's events myself. Which is one reason I'm excited about contributing
to BYTES (stephan's project) . But I like the idea I have seen in various
bits and pieces of writing about the net that we may have a chance here to
encourage a form of 'gift' economy (which for me has always been the notion
as proposed by Lewis Hyde). So, the contribution of material as a form of a
'gift' to be used however deemed appropriate, maybe without 'real time'
interaction. This does not quite answer your questions though, better
answered by Amanda/ Lisa, etc, probably who may have actually carried out
such experiments.

>Question: (I am not experienced in webbased events, sorry). Could I connect my
>PC and logged-in webscreen to a video projector and throw a live web dance (if
>there is video and sound footage) onto my studio wall, inviting my
>colleagues/myself to improvise with materials that are being interpreted
>/broadcast on the Net - in the real space/screen space of my studio, and film
>this with a camera and re-input it? Is that a feasible linkage set up?

This is certainly possible, but we've got a pretty big bandwidth problem on
the net. It's something we were going to explore here in Amsterdam this last
june (before funding dropped out) using a one to one isdn connection,
simultaneous video recording and projection. However, both Amanda and Lisa
were working with cuseeme via the net -- so maybe they will comment.

Looking forward to seeing more ideas re: the remote feast.

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