RE:"Future physical/feasts"

Johannes Birringer (
Mon, 21 Jul 97 22:25 +0100

Scott wrote

< I find myself reluctant to
<engage with something which offers no feedback -- which takes my
<'sub-mission' without providing a reflection of myself which is symbolically
<concrete. In comparison, I have to say that Stephan's site[webbedfeats] offers,
<importantly, a variety of ways in which I can construct and recognize
<myself. Invitation to submit artistic material and then 'witness' its
<registration in a couple of different ways. The 'knowledge' that the
<material will be available to and used by a couple of dozen interpreters
<for the 'live' event. The 'appearance' (the single quote marks do not
<signify a detraction) of Stephan's one-to-one participation -- he seems
<available to anyone needing direct contact (you can also 'hear' his voice if
<you have real-audio).

<A number of us are and have been involved in web-based projects, Lisa's
<These were/ are sites of energy consolidation, nodal
<points of activity which punctuate the time-line of the web's history. Now
<Bryant Park has emerged to add its impact to this historical development,
<and it does so with commitment and conviction.

Thanks, Scott, for picking up on some of the questions I also had recently about
webparticipatory or contributory events. You expressed it very well.

What remains a point of interest and concern to me is the question of how one
experiences (post-geographically?) the nodal process of participation, if one is
not part of the live performance but has, beforehand, contributed material. In
dance terms, is the relation like between (traditionally) composer and
choreographer/dancer/interpreter, or how does the onsite performer improvise
with input material otherwise (feedback loop?) - is this a non-interactive
process, or have, in your experience (I missed Amanda's recent piece and Lisa's,
unfortunately), the input artists during a web-based event extricated/reutilized
performed material?

Question: (I am not experienced in webbased events, sorry). Could I connect my
PC and logged-in webscreen to a video projector and throw a live web dance (if
there is video and sound footage) onto my studio wall, inviting my
colleagues/myself to improvise with materials that are being interpreted
/broadcast on the Net - in the real space/screen space of my studio, and film
this with a camera and re-input it? Is that a feasible linkage set up?

<I also like the idea of a 'webbed feasts' event. Simultaneous meals -- would
<have to be brunch in L.A., lunch in NYC and dinner in Amsterdam. To have as
<a goal such sensuousness of experience, eating and drinking, while engaged
<in cyber-activity would seem to be the fulfillment of certain special needs
<in these times which threaten bodily-disengagements. I wonder if the massive
<increase in cooking programs, publications, projects has anything to do with
<the birth and growth of cyberspace? If anyone is serious about persuing this
<idea --

thanks for picking this up. I am very interested in following through, one dark
winter night coming. I've contacted Dorothea Hunziker who created our Stein
Feast, and asked her whether she has more ideas, and if others have proposals
and recipies, please let's do it. Stone guests anywhere?

Johannes Birringer