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Stephan Koplowitz (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 14:52:47 GMT

Johannes Birringer,,Internet writes:
>I visited your interesting project tonight, and I think I remember the park,
>I find the whole on-site project interesting and challenging, although I'm not
>sure whether I understand it completely - will there be actual performances in
>September, and how/to what extent are performances based on or taken as input-
>performances from the international Net audiences/collaborators you solicit -
>other words, is the website now a collaborative venture, and how will one see a
>piece move from the input to actual performance.
Dear Johannes,
Yes, there will be an actual performance on September 17 from noon to 6pm in
Bryant Park.
The performances will be based almost entirely on the work that is submitted to
the web site...for some of the material, there will be interpretation, like
when people submit words to accompany their dance phrases in the Promenade
section (did you see that site, it is the most "dance-tech" part of the
project?)...we (myself and the 22 dancers who will be performing) will
intrepret the images and words selected....Poetry that is selected to be
performed in Bryant Park will not be edited, the same with the short monologues
at the Dodge stage.....So yes, this is a collaborative venture but we are
asking people to participate through the web and allow myself and other artists
here in NYC perform/intrepret the material....
As stated in earlier posts, a more "democratic" system could be devised (where
there is no artistic direction selecting the material from the web site and no
matter what is submitted is used....) but for this very first venture, I didn't
want to that route (too many unkowns and there are enough unkowns doing it this
way)...perhaps the next time....

You can see some of the material submitted to the site by going to the
"Featured Bytes" page, there is a link on the bottom grey scroll bar once you
get past the splash page...there you can read poetry, suggestions for improvs,
see some of the dance phrases etc....
The stuff on that page will be part of the material used in the performance...
>Who will perform?
I've hired 22 dancers who will begin rehearsals in August with some of the
material collected....and I'm engaging other performers for the other venues...

As far as your take on Faust ("perhaps the
FAUST material is so burdened for me, so stuck in the historical-cultural deep
consciousness of my formation that I am revulsed either way")etc...Our aim was
to add some levity to the project....sorry it pushed the wrong
buttons....perhaps you could submit something that reflects your experience?
>The STEIN platform is another question - are you hoping for STEIN works or for
>new original poetry by others?
I'm hoping for whatever people want to write but we do not ask for people to
write in the style of Stein (frankly, I think that is a sure fire prescription
for BAD writing, Stein was such an original, you really couldn't write in her
style without it sounding like parody...), the instructions on the site ask
people to look at the four color photos taken from Bryant Park that we post on
that page (each week I post four NEW photos) and let then let the photos
inspire creative writing....we've received some really nice work and you can
see it on the Featured Bytes's sort of like site-specific
poetry....On the Featured Bytes page you can the photos and the words inspired
by them.........

Anyway....thanks for taking the time to see the site....if you didn't see the
Promenade page, take another look......I would also encourage you to visit the
Dodge stage, we are asking for 60 second monologues on any topic that is on
people's minds...

I would think that site (Dodge) would be a great one for the folks on this
list...we all think a lot about a lot of of the reasons why I
like this list so is made up of a lively group of folks doing lots
of different things but with much thought and consideration....anyway..
Johannes, thanks again for your time and thoughts...

By the way, I LOVED your description of the Stein performance with food and's funny because one of the off shoots of Webbed Feats (and I've
mentioned this to several folks while developing this project) could very well
be Webbed FEASTS....whereas the online community collaborates on the creation
of a MEAL (and performance) and then we produce it...this could be a project
that is then done in different cities so that the people who collaborated can
then take part in it (either it's creation or it's digestion)....or that the
meals are prepared simultaneously in different locations...etc...

Anyway...From Webbed Feats to Webbed Feasts....dinner is served.....
I very much wish I was across the sea (I lived in France for 8 years and
consider Europe a second home....).....

Steve Koplowitz

Packer Collegiate Institute
Brooklyn, NY USA