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Mon, 7 Jul 1997 20:15:33 -0800

> Life Forms was used for Pre-viz work on the films Jurassic Park and
>Terminator II. You can bring in different polygons shaps so building sets
>isn't a problem. I imported a model that I made with Extreme 3D. I was
>even successful in animating it.

thanx. maybe i'll look at Lifeforms again - also thanx for the Biovision
group led.

> Lar Lubovich's approach does make sense.

to be clear i wasn't saying that Lar Lubovich was using lifeforms - only
curious whether the choreographers out there think that using lifeforms was
make there rehersal time more productive. In Mr. Lubovich's case, rehersing
abt cost - according the the ny times - a million a week, so some prep time
might be in order there.


nice beginning = )


p.s. In regards to mathematizing asthetics - doesn't this presume asthetics
is logical? Also even if there were a logic it would still be incomplete
- remember David Hilbert's ten problems and Kurt Godel's answer. >= )

peace. thanx for the info

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