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>the ability to work independently with time factors, physical shapes and
>movents in space, is extremely useful.

i read in the ny times magazine a while back that Lar Lubovich is doing a
ballet to Othello and was sneaking in with a handful of dancers at night
'cuz it cost about a zillion dollars a week to reherse the whole company
... is this the kind of thing life forms is useful for?

also how important is the lighting and rehersal space to your choreography
- does lifeforms allow u to model the performance space as well ... i know
a lot of film types here in the city of angels use 3D packages to model
their sets before building them ... but this doesn't seem to happen at all
in dance ... or does it ... once one model is built for a theatre it could
be used over and over by set designers and since lifeforms exports 3D
studio compatible files ... ? maybe ? .... mix a lifeforms animation as a
3D studio object into a model of the set design ... is this happening? ...
any thoughts why or why not?

thanx. btw any repository for lifeforms animations out there .... there
are zillions of websites for mesh for other packages ... seems a good way
to see what people have done?



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