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At 1:31 AM 4/15/97, gjhilton wrote:

guy, thanks for the feedback.

>I was recently unwise enough to try and made a four minute (single
>figure) piece in poser for a performance/installation thing, and by the
>time I was making minute three, the cut and paste time was at about
>45minutes (^C, go away, get a coffee, paint a wall, return, ^V, rig some
>lights, eat some noodles, drum fingers, pace the floor, you get the
>idea) on a 150mHz mac. The render time came out just under two days even
>for the kind of quality that needed serious post-production gaussian

i don't have much experience with 3D tools but for a four minute animation
why use either poser or lifeforms. why not use character studio with 3D
studio max?

i have never seen a more sopisitcated lifeforms animation than the poser
stuff at

which were done in poser. can u point me any more sophisticated animations
done in lifeforms?

>Verdict: Poser=toy LifeForms=tool

i don't have much experience with 3d stuff but those little animations done
with poser seem ok - but Lifeforms seems unintuitive and there is nothing
yet which has convinced me its worth the effort to buy or learn

the new interface to 3D studio max seems much more inuitive to me, as
character studio seems very natural as well. all the pro animators i've
spoken with say character studio is the thing for animating dancers but
they're not dancers.

i have 3D studio max and can get lightwave 3D but i have to decide whether
to buy character studio for a couple hundred bucks.

right now i'd go with poser for little 'toy' animations - and 3D studioMax
with character studio or Lightwave 3D for 'real' animations but i'm still
curious why people chose to use lifeforms?

so u lifeforms people - tell me why i should spend $400 on this software
and spend the time to learn it? It seems neither a high-end or low-end

i know lifeforms is now touting it as sort of a plug-in that can be ported
to 3D studio. Why not go ahead and integrate it with a 3D studio type
interface then?

anyways, someone please explain why this lifeforms software exists?



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