RE: documenta x

Robert Wechsler (
Sun, 29 Jun 97 16:47:17 +0200

Johannes Birringer,

Thank you for your report on the Dokumenta.

It serves to confirm other things i have heard. Sounds like we don't
necessarily need to head up there this year.

What a wealth of language they churn out! Wow. Those ARISTS must be REALLY
be smart people. That ad blurb is impressive isnt it?
Every art-cyber-new-age-woof-woof expression I know is in there, all in one.

A statement all by itself (a sad one) about the role of hype in "computer art".

forgive my cynicism. I'm just so hungry for something interesting and new
to see (that is not web-based) and the dokumenta had always had a rep for
some of that. everyone has an opinion of course, but mine is, if their
definition of inovative cross-disciplinary movement-based art is Meg Stuart
and a vid. installation,
i dunno.

ok ok, the LADOMIR FAKTURA thang does sound cool.


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