RE: dance workshop

Johannes Birringer (
Thu, 26 Jun 97 02:47 +0100

hi again

after guy's post a while ago, someone asked about Saburo Teshigawara.
I am not sure whether he is bringing his new performance to the continent (he
probably is), but he is announced as participating in the upcoming "Tanz im
August" festival/Tanzwerkstatt in Berlin.

He is offering a workshop in Berlin (Tanzwerkstatt) from July 28 to September 1,
and you can enroll or get info at +49 30 247 49 756.

The dance festival is starting in early August.

Also, another dance festival with workshops takes place annually in Munich,
Germany. It's called Tanzwerkstatt Europa.

This year it takes placen from July 30 through August 9. The workshops attached
to the festival start on July 29, and Yacov Sharir (from Austin, Texas) will
teach a masterclass in " Computer Choreography in Virtual Space."
For info call +49 89 721 1015 / fax +49 89 721 2249. No email. aha.

Johannes Birringer