Re: back again!

Scott deLahunta (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 18:41:14 +0200

Hello Amanda --

At 10:18 PM 6/18/97 +0200, you wrote:
>just recovering from "Motherboard/LawHat al-umm" performance and
>installation at 6cyberconf. (de-rigged yesterday) and catching up with the

Welcome back --

>- and agreeing, but also disagreeing - putting in a plea for the individual
>in the plural - to b both centred and decentred at the same time.

--- well, I'm always for the dialetical approach myself, so I'm with you there.

>In my next mail I'll describe for u another work exhibited at eon (the arty
>part of 6cyberconf.) called "solve" - described as machine/human mating.


>BTW scott - I'v moved to a lower mail-space than u described - my mac is on
>a low table - I sit Japenese-style, on a cushion - my screen is at the
>same level as my head - my head is well balanced on the top of my spine -
>the keyboard is right on the edge of the table such that my wrists move
>horizontally, (elbows falling from shoulders), gently wresting on the
>rounded table-edge. I can stretch out my legs, change posture - my hips
>being on a slightly higher level than my feet - try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds fantastic -- self-arranged ergonomics -- I will try it.

Talk to you soon (i owe you an email)

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