Re: doing much on thursday? (uk)

Scott deLahunta (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 13:09:17 +0200

Hello Guy --

At 08:59 AM 4/17/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I seem to have ended up with a surplus ticket for Saburo Teshigawara &
>Karas at the QEH, London this Thursday. Reply privately - first come
>first served. I'm away from my net connexion after today, so if I don't
>manage to reply, apols, it looks like someone beat you to it.

Very nice of you to post this offer. Wish I could take you up on it --- any
idea if he is going to be bringing the show over to the continent anytime
this summer?

>btw (though I suppose this might have made a post in its own right),
>recently the UK music press has been carrying news of a product called
>the Dimension Beam which converts movement in space (though how large a
>space I'm not sure) to MIDI. Off the shelf at about 350. I can post
>further details if anybody's interested, and I'm hoping to demo one
>later this week. There's a review (of sorts) in the current Future
>Music, too.

Sounds like STEIM's 'bigeye' -- would be great if you could post some
details and maybe get into a conversation with Richard Povall and/or Mark
Coniglio regarding how it compares with 'bigeye' (if at all). Also Sher
Doruff, who is reading this list, has been quite involved with 'bigeye'.

You can find out more about 'bigeye' on STEIM's homepage

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