Re: Question on Macs

Mary-Lou Michael (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:29:46 +0000

nik wrote:

> also for this whole list - i for one wouldn't mind if those who wanted
> would (re)introduce themselves - and describe their interest in this list.
> i find it kinda nice to get a sense of who is on the list and their
> interests
I'm a dancer, choreographer, teacher.. etc. I am currently studying
for a Masters in Education, and my paper is about dance technology and
its place in education. I teach at Secondary/High School level, and
also after school at a private studio. I am also currently lecturing
at Adelaide University one night a week.

> btw, i'm a doctoral student in computer science at UCLA who develops
> mathematics so computers can be less logical, and therefore solve more
> 'real-world' problems. the problems i'm interested in mainly revolve
> around visualization and modeling in molecular genetics and dance.

I'm glad there are computer literate people out there who are
interested in dance! It concerns me that dance, aside from all the
other art forms always seems to get left behind, in terms of progress.
While music students are using computers to make music/sounds, drama
students are using lighting equipment and sound effects, and art
students are using computer graphic software, the dance students,
( often predominantly female) are missing out on the action!
I don't think dance would be dance without the sweaty bodies, but
there is no reason it can't be that +....?
That is why I was so excited when I found and joined this list.